Sunday, 27 January 2013

Chocolate Orange Ganache Tart

The pleasure I get from using up unwanted or 'on the way out' food is disproportionate - in that, when I do, it usually involves me purchasing a whole host of other ingredients for the recipe I have in mind. A remembered cooked chicken breast lying at the back of the fridge, for example, will 'have to' be made into a risotto with asparagus, cream and handfuls of parmesan. I think it's almost that I want to overcompensate for nearly throwing something away.

So it was with a large Dark Chocolate Toblerone I foolishly bought when passing through Heathrow recently. At three for ten pounds, they seemed reasonable compensation for waiting around for hours so I picked up one regular, one fruit and nut and this dark one.   Whilst the two milk chocolate ones were demolished fairly quickly, I found the dark one to be fairly pleasant tastewise but incredibly hard and difficult to eat, given the higher cocoa count.

The driving rain outside convinced me yesterday that something 'hardcore' was required and so, a good proportion of it was chopped and added to some 70% I had purchased for good measure. (I had also purchased cream, butter, oranges, and icing sugar but who's counting. My unwanted Toblerone got the finale it deserved.)

Chocolate Orange Ganache Tart

180g Plain Flour
heaped Tbs Icing Sugar
80g Fridge-Cold Butter, cubed
2Tbs Cold Water
1 Egg Yolk

200g Dark Chocolate Toblerone
100g 70% Chocolate
300ml Cream
knob Butter
Grated Zest of 1 Orange
Few Drops Orange Oil


1) Add all pastry ingredients  except the egg and water to a food processor and pulse until all butter is combined. Add the egg yolk, then enough water for the pastry to bind together.

2) Roll out and bake pastry blind in a 10 inch loose bottomed tart-case at 170 degrees (c) for 25 minutes, removing the baking parchment and beans for the final 5-7 minutes of cooking time.Allow to cool.

3) Chop both chocolates finely in food processor. Heat cream to boiling point and add to chocolate. Mix until combined. add butter, zest and orange oil. Add mixture to cooled pastry case. Chill until set (approx 2.5 hours)


  1. Mmmm it looks delicious but I imagine the pic doesn't even do it justice!!! :-) x

    1. Lots of it still in the fridge Jenny but I'd say will keep pretty well. Thought I'd take a tooth out with the dark Toblerone!