Monday, 27 January 2014

Something fishy (or is it?)

K and I generally love to eat the same things - takeaway pepperoni pizzas the size of tractor wheels when we've had a few (and sometimes when we haven't), a good fillet steak cooked perfectly medium, a doorstep of a burger with all the bells and whistles. We also both like to fool ourselves that the teaming bowls of risotto we put away on a regular basis are 'healthy' because they contain a bunch of asparagus each (perhaps even a few peas for good measure) therefore balancing out the mounds of cheese and butter they inevitably also contain.

I know which is which ok?
But all is not always harmonious in our culinary world. I adore mushrooms and would eat them three times a week given the chance; he thinks they are the spawn of the devil. Same for avocados. And salmon. With the big three-0 now firmly behind me, I keep recalling that this magic fish is rumoured to do wonders for your face if eaten regularly (ie more than the twice a year when I find myself home alone and free to cook exactly what I want).

Some olive oil, lemon and a spoon of most of the jars in top picture  
I often remind K that he thought he hated cheese until he met me 8 years ago (and had no option but to get used to it). And so, this weekend I bought some- four big fillets of it. With no option B readily available in the fridge and the wind howling outside I decided to see if he really hated it or was hanging onto the idea that he did.

I decided to help him out though and threw together a quick spicy marinade to negate the full on fishiness. (I think the paste contained 1tsp each of of dried mixed herbs, paprika, chilli flakes, all-purpose seasoning, and about a half of crushed black pepper, dried onion powder and garlic powder together with the juice of a lemon and some olive oil )

Before it went in the oven
And he ate it! (You might say it was no wonder; (who could taste the salmon under that lot?!) but you still really could). We had it with some sweet potato cubes, red onion and asparagus tossed in some olive oil, salt and pepper and a blob of greek yogurt on the side.

Meanwhile, he is insisting he ate it simply because it 'wasn't a very fishy piece of salmon'.(I think he had a point - salmon does seem to vary widely on this score and I'm not sure it's only down to the width of the white fat lines?......any enlightenment welcome.)

 Still, we've broken the salmon drought in no 2, yay!
Roast sweet potato, red onion and asparagus

Friday, 17 January 2014

Another wedding cake and a couple of late resolutions

I have been a very bad blogger(but I resolve to do better). Mine has been a winter filled with a few too many hearty dinners and so I am looking forward to the challenge of making some healthier choices for Spring (and documenting them on here). 

I made this wedding cake for my very good friend Anne for her New Years Eve wedding to the lovely Mike. I had planned on going to town and making something really big (5 or so tiers) but the practicalities of not having a car of my own at the moment and relying on the kindness of others for transport put that idea to bed. 

From the Top - Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream, Fruit Cake (made by Anne's mam Joan) and Chocolate Cake with Chocolate/Hazelnut Buttercream.

I generally don't make New Years resolutions but this year I have two , to blog here at least weekly and to pass my driving test by the end of the Summer. There, I've put it on here now I have to do it! 

It's on! :)