Friday, 19 June 2015

The Joy of Aldi's Super Six

I quite like getting older for the most part. I'm 32 now and to be honest the sense of just not giving a shit about many of the things I would once have agonized over that accompanied my transition into this particular decade was a welcome surprise for me.I genuinely wouldn't wish to revert back to my twenties and the insecurities that came with them, laughter lines or no laughter lines.

It's certainly true that, for me, getting older has brought a much deeper appreciation for the simple things in life - finding a parking spot I can drive straight into (and, better still, straight out of), coming across a forgotten fiver in an old jacket , and, rightly or wrongly, the rush of anticipation that accompanies the announcement of a new Aldi Super Six fruit and vegetable offer.

To be honest, I am much more of a Lidl fan and this is pretty much the only thing that brings me to Aldi (that and their amazing spicy my opinion the Lidl version has more than a slight whiff of donkey about it.) In terms of choice and quality, I think Lidl definitely has the edge in fruit and veg and overall but Aldi's amazing Super Six offer alone usually makes a trip well worthwhile.

One of the perks of my recent move to the wilds of Santry is having a massive branch of both nearby. And with the glut of 'save ten euro when you spend fifty' coupons in the papers in recent weeks, I have been unashamedly visiting both.

The offer involves a rotating selection of fruit and vegetables priced as low as 29 cents and as high as 79 and is, perhaps unsurprisingly, sometimes much better than others. Last week it was amazing, offering 2 packs of avocados and courgettes at an unbelievable 29 cents each.  This week was a little less thrilling, involving a selection of more boring things like apple and pear punnets priced at a still very cheap 49 cents.

On a good week, this offer makes me feel like I imagine a looter would, loading up the trolley with wild abandon. But even on a not so good week it's still pretty good. I realise I am not painting myself in the best light here but I have recently been been dreaming of what my own fantasy super six selection might be (since you ask, avocados, courgettes, bananas, grapes, pak choi and asparagus, all down to 29 cents ). On second thoughts, however,  that might just send me over the edge.... I certainly wouldn't be able to close the fridge door for a week.

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