Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was never much of a biscuit/ cookie fan. They always seemed to present something of a wasted opportunity for me  - a big fat injection of sugar and calories but lacking the melting mouth-feel of a nice lump of cream-cake or a good bar of chocolate. 

But that was until I tried this fantastic and super easy basic cookie recipe from Rachel Allen  which has now grown to be one of my most used recipes. Incorporating just three ingredients(butter, sugar and flour), the basic recipe yields a dense buttery base-cookie which can be 'dressed up' with chopped nuts, a teaspoon of ginger, raisins,  chocolate chips, lemon zest...the possibilities are endless.  I usually add 100g of chocolate chips or chopped roasted hazelnuts( or 50g of each)

  They're surprisingly filling, too (though on reflection that could be because I've recently started cutting them as big as saucers.....) Rachel's are now my 'go to' biccies which I highly recommend.

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