Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Accepting the Liebster Award and Sharing the Love


It's really hard to overestimate just how much comments and shares mean to a newbie blogger like me. That someone, somewhere, is actually reading what you have written is thrilling enough but, in these early days, to see that someone has gone further and taken the time to share or comment is just amazing.

And comment is just what the lovely Paula over at did last week. But better again,  she also chose me as one of her Liebster Award nominees.

So, I got to add this cute little green badge to my profile but what does it really mean? Well, 'lieben' is somewhat familiar to me as the verb 'to love' in German so does it mean somebody loves me? Well, maybe not but it seems someone thinks what I'm doing is ok. The Liebster is geared at new bloggers with under 200 followers and is really not unlike like a chain letter, albiet more nice than irritating to receive. At the very least it is a great opportunity to integrate with fellow bloggers and, this being my first 'award', I, of course, accept it with open arms! ;)

The rules are :

1. You must post 9 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 9 questions set for you and set 9 new ones.
3. Choose 9 people to award and link them in your post.
4. Tell your nominees the good news via their blogs.
5. No tag backs are allowed.

It must be said, however, that there are different versions of these rules doing the rounds - some ask for 7 of each, some more, some less, but I was asked for 9 so 9 I will go with.

9 Random Facts about me

1. I definitely love cruising more than your average 30 year old.
2. I could (and do) spend hours wandering around food/kitchenware shops but hate clothes shopping and buy mostly online.
3. I was torn between studying food science and Arts in College. In the end, like very many others, I chose Arts (English and Sociology).
4. I consider Spar own brand bacon fries to be the best, filthiest, saltiest, hangover snack (or cure when teamed with full-sugar Coke.)
5. I can't drive (!)
6. I love retro fashion but sadly lack the discipline to perfect the whole look.
7. I think ice-cream is overrated.
8. I would love to go to India for the food alone.
9. I prefer cats to dogs.

Here are my answers to Paula's 9 questions

1) Where did the idea of blogging come from?
 I have been reading food blogs for years and have been waiting for the right time to start my own. I finally took the plunge in January. (I think it was turning 30 that gave me the extra push.)
2) What's your favourite season and why?
Autumn, as sunshine and my fair skin don't mix and Winter in Ireland can be just a bit too miserable.
3) Describe your ideal 3 course menu.
It would probably be a big Indian feast for starters and mains(a selection of spicy and creamy dishes and all the sides) ideally, finishing, if I had room, with something involving caramel or pistachios.
4) Where is your favourite place and why?
This is cheesy but true - on any airplane just as the Irish coast comes into view. It's good to get away but always better to come home.
5) Describe what you'd do on an ideal date.
Go for a meal of course!

6) What do you mostly do in your free time?
dabble in sugarcraft, watch too many cookery programmes,
7) Describe yourself in 3 words.
Loyal, stubborn, greedy
8) What is your most prized possession?
 My make-up bag.

9) What do your friends think about your blog or have you been brave enough to tell them yet
I was nervous about telling them at first as it felt a bit like I was publishing my diary online but I have and they have all been very encouraging.

Here are my questions

1) Why did you start blogging
2) Do you make New Year Resolutions
3) What would your last meal be
4) How would people best describe you
5) Would you sing karaoke
6) What's your favourite word
7) If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be
8)Ant or Dec
9)If you could visit a period in history what would it be

And finally,  here are nine relatively new blogs I am really enjoying reading and who are each deserving of the little green badge.


  1. Thanks AnneMarie for sharing the award with me at The Queen of Puddings - I'm very touched!

  2. My pleasure Lucy. Your blog is great and your pics in particular put mine to shame! I will get there (eventually!)ps What camera do you use pls?

  3. Hi Annemarie, thank you for the listing. I appreciate it :) And another 8 there for me to check out too.

  4. I wouldn't describe you as greedy AnneMarie. Your favourite place has made me all Ireland teary inside. Congrats on your award xxxx

  5. Congrats again AnneMarie! Your blog definitely deserves the Award. Love your postabout the Liebster Award - the best I've seen so far! Good luck with the blogging - I'll be following! Paula :) x